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bathroom renovation

Your questions answered!

Do I need to source any certificates?
No. GMR will apply for any certificates that are needed, taking any stress out
of your hands.

How does GMR know where to go?
We have 16 years worth of trade and management contacts ensuring no
stone is left unturned.

Are the building regulations complicated?
It normally depends on wether you are renovating or planning a new build.
Normally it would be a case of GMR obtaining permissions for any changes to the
structure but depending on where your house is situated you may have a property of
historical importance. If this is the case it is normal for us to arrange an inspection and
meeting with a governing body to ensure that all parties have the best interest of the
property in mind. GMR have dealt with many such projects so for us this does not
cause delay.
New Build:
There are no stringent checks when building new but you must of course gain planning
permission before building on your land.

Can GMR give me a clear picture of cost?
Yes, we will employ the services of several artisans to quote on major works so that you
don't have any nasty surprises mid renovation or build.

Could I actually save money by employing GMR?
Apart from GMR ensuring the best deal from our artisans we could also save you up to
80% of our fee by sourcing the best price on materials.

So how much is GMR help going to cost me?
It will always depend on the amount of input you require from us but we would normally
ask 10% of the total build or renovation cost. We are confident that not only will we
greatly help you to achieve your goal but that we can save you a significant amount of
this fee by using our knowledge of the housing market.

...but can I ?
Sorry, no more questions. Give us a call as we believe people get a feel for the person
they are talking to and this will help you to make your decision.