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Builder constructing house

Kind words from happy people.

Our new home.
My wife and I are extremely busy people so
were delighted to find a company that would
take care of every thing. They helped us find
our house, gave us a true picture of costing
and possible savings that we would never
have thought of. Our home was a challenge
to say the least but Maria and Gordon found
a way to achieve our requirements by working
with the builders, Electrician, Plumber etc and
us. I know this may seem a small point but
just ensuring that the work force cleared up at
the end of each day made us feel they were
looking after our home. Our budget was not
over stretched and we were in within two
weeks of our proposed date. We always new
the costing to the penny so always felt in
control. I think they look at the people they
are helping and tune in to what they want and
this is exactly what a previous client had said
when we phoned them for a reference.
We now have a wonderful house on the edge
of southend thanks to GMR.
Darren and Julie Brownlee.